Office for Nuclear Regulation

Reactor Unit 7 Statutory Outage 2015

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This Intervention Report is based on an inspection I undertook at Heysham 2 (HYB) power station on reactor unit 7.

The aim of this intervention was to establish whether EDF Energy’s (the Licensee) statutory outage work programme for HYB, scheduled for completion between 27th of February and the 5th May 2015, was being conducted in compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 and whether the Licensee had made adequate arrangements for compliance with licence condition 18 (LC18) of its nuclear site licence. 

My conclusions on these matters informed the development of my overall opinion on the Licensee’s readiness to bring its reactor unit back to power in due course.

Interventions carried out by ONR

The following areas were considered for the intervention and are out lined briefly below:

Plant inspections of the Radiation Controlled Area (RCA) for the pile cap/ charge-hall; gas circulator, in addition other areas of inspection interest were agreed on the day.

Key findings

My inspection did not reveal any radiological protection issues, relevant to reactor Unit 7 start-up in due course, that required action by the Licensee or follow-up by ONR.


From a radiological protection standpoint, I was content with the Licensee’s conduct of its statutory outage work programme and with its level of compliance with the IRR99 and LC 18. 


At the time of writing this report, there were no specific recommendations that I needed to make relating to ONR’s granting a consent, under licence condition 30 of the Licensee’s nuclear site licence, which allowed the Licensee to return reactor Unit 7 to power in due course.  Accordingly, it is my recommendation that ONR issue such a consent.