Office for Nuclear Regulation

Balfour Beatty Avonmouth Works. LC 17: MSC 38 Supply Chain - Avonmouth Works

Executive summary

Purpose of Intervention

This intervention was to assess the adequacy of NNB Generation Company (HPC) Limited’s (NNB GenCo) oversight of Balfour Beatty’s work at Avonmouth under marine works contract OH2231.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

NNB GenCo has contracted Balfour Beatty to design and construct the Hinkley Point C sea water intake and outfall tunnels and structures. The Avonmouth site manufactures the sub-seabed tunnels liners (segments) and the construction of the sea floor structures (heads) at the end of the tunnels.

ONR carried out a supply chain focused Licence Condition (LC) 17 inspection at Balfour Beatty’s Avonmouth site. We inspected the Avonmouth tunnel segment factory, material storage areas and the sea floor heads’ construction bays. Subsequently, we interviewed NNB GenCo and Balfour Beatty personnel to assess the management systems that control this work.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

ONR took assurance from the positive safety behaviours and commitment to quality we observed during the Avonmouth facility tour.

ONR assessed NNB GenCo’s oversight of Balfour Beatty. NNB GenCo has co-located personnel with the Balfour Beatty project team, allowing continuous oversight and monitoring. Our sample showed good NNB GenCo integration with Balfour Beatty’s design and quality arrangements. Therefore, we judge that NNB GenCo is carrying out adequate oversight of Balfour Beatty’s Avonmouth Work.

ONR assessed the adequacy of Balfour Beatty’s quality arrangements. These align with NNB GenCo’s requirements and have substantial performance monitoring. There were no indications of inadequate performance. Therefore, we judge that Balfour Beatty has defined and implemented adequate quality arrangements.

ONR assessed Balfour Beatty’s oversight of their suppliers’ performance. There was robust evidence of supplier monitoring and support. We saw a significant improvement in a supplier’s delivery of acceptable reinforcement. Therefore, we judge that Balfour Beatty has adequate supply chain arrangements.

Conclusion of Intervention

ONR has taken assurance from our inspection at Balfour Beatty’s Avonmouth facility that NNB GenCo is adequately overseeing their contractor’s work and has appropriate involvement with their contractor’s quality management systems, and also that the Hinkley Point C site surveillance team is carrying out adequate quality inspection activities. Furthermore, Balfour Beatty’s quality management arrangements meet NNB GenCo’s requirements and appear to be acceptably implemented. As a result, we judge that, for the Avonmouth work, NNB GenCo’s supply chain arrangements are adequate. Therefore, we have rated this intervention GREEN, no further action.