Office for Nuclear Regulation

LC 11 Emergency Arrangements inspection

Executive summary

Purpose of Intervention

This intervention was a planned inspection of Licence Condition 11 “Emergency Arrangements”, which is one of a series of planned interventions for the Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited (DRDL’s) licensed nuclear site at Devonport, in line with the strategy for regulating the site during 2018/19. 

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

On 3rd October 2018 Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) / Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator (DNSR) jointly assessed the annual Level 1 on-site emergency exercise “JEX 18”.  This emergency exercise was intended to demonstrate DRDL’s arrangements, under Licence Condition 11 and Authorisation Condition 11 “Emergency Arrangements”, for dealing with any accident or emergency arising on the site and any subsequent effects.

Explanation of Judgement if Safety System Not Judged to be Adequate

Not applicable.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

ONR considered that DRDL’s aims and objectives for the emergency exercise were appropriate and that a suitably challenging scenario had been defined.  During its assessment of the emergency exercise, ONR assessors observed a controlled and measured response from both DRDL and Naval Staff. 

Whilst areas for improvement were noted, these were not considered significant by the ONR assessors. Minor shortfalls in activities conducted at the Forward Control Point (FCP) on the Submarine Refit Complex (SRC) were identified and a Level 4 Regulatory Issue raised ‘SRC Forward Control Point Improvements (LC11)’ to monitor the licensee’s progress in addressing these.

 Taking into account the exercise scenario ONR considered the exercise to be an adequate demonstration of the site’s emergency arrangements.

Conclusion of Intervention

From the evidence gathered during this intervention, no matters have been identified that are likely to have a significant impact on nuclear safety on the site at this time, and the conclusion is that DRDL would have adequately coped with the incident.