Office for Nuclear Regulation

HPC Site Visit LC11

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

To conduct planned inspection of compliance with conditions attached to the nuclear site licence:

Following NNB GenCo announcement that there remained continued uncertainty with respect to the timing of the Financial Investment Decision and the imposition of a constraint on budget, activity at the site has all but ceased and is limited to a programme of Care and Maintenance. The visit provided the opportunity to: examine the impact upon site activity, review the status of relevant site conditions; and meet with the HPC Site Director to discuss plans for the site going forward.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

Licence Condition 11

The site has appointed a new Emergency Preparedness Lead with a wealth of previous relevant experience of developing arrangements for responding to emergencies and dealing with external local civil and blue light agencies. I had previously expressed concern about NNB GenCo’s level of engagement with external bodies and services required under LC11(4) and therefore welcome this new appointment.

I am satisfied that the Hinkley Point C’s 2014-2015 programme of exercises has provided an acceptable test of the arrangements for responding to accidents or emergencies on the site. The site has captured, and acted upon, key learning from this programme.

I am satisfied that Hinkley Point C had responded to ONR observations of the 2014 Level 1 Demonstration Exercise and ONR will look to future exercises to demonstrate the effectiveness of the actions taken.

I am satisfied that the 2015 programme of exercises is appropriate to the current Care and Maintenance period. ONR will wish to revisit the programme prior to remobilisation of the site.

During 2014-2015 Hinkley Point C has responded to a number of minor real incidents. The activation of Hinkley Point C’s emergency response organisation in response to these incidents revealed no significant issues.

I conclude that NNB GenCo’s implementation and exercising of its emergency response organisation has demonstrated that the arrangements are both effective and adequate for the early site enabling works. Furthermore, I am satisfied that the arrangements remain adequate for the type of incident expected to arise during the period of Care and Maintenance

Information gathering

Review of Conditions attached to the Nuclear Site Licence

A review of Hinkley Point C’s arrangements identified no issues likely to present a threat to the site’s ability to continue to comply with conditions attached to its nuclear site licence during the period of Care and Maintenance.

Meeting with HPC Site Director.

The meeting proved very valuable and provided ONR with the opportunity to understand the Hinkley Point C Site Director’s priorities for the period of Care and Maintenance and also an insight into the programme of work required to prepare the site for remobilisation.

Site Tour of Care and Maintenance Activities

The tour of the site confirmed that, apart from the asbestos contaminated land remediation in the vicinity of the site compound, all other activity observed is limited to care and maintenance utilising light weight vehicles and trailers.