Office for Nuclear Regulation

Dungeness A - LC 10, 12 and 26 Compliance Inspections

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This report covers an inspection of Magnox Ltd’s Dungeness A nuclear licensed site on 14-15 March 2016. This inspection was part of a programme of planned interventions as outlined in the Dungeness A IIS plan for 2015/16.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

During this intervention, I carried out Licence Condition (LC) compliance inspections to verify compliance with the following Licence Conditions:

My inspections were carried out against the requirements of LC10, 12 & 26 and ONR’s published inspection guidance associated with these Licence Conditions. 

Whilst on site I also met with the site safety representatives to discuss regulatory matters and reviewed outstanding issues and actions with the licensee.

Explanation of Judgement if Safety System Not Judged to be Adequate

Not applicable – This was not a Safety Systems Inspection.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

I inspected compliance with Licence Condition 10 – Training. I was satisfied that the licensees’ arrangements meet the key requirements as defined in ONR inspection guidance, and these were adequately implemented on the site. The licensee demonstrated that adequate training for the personnel sampled had been completed in accordance with their training profiles and was currently in date. Overall, I rated compliance with LC10 to be adequate.

I inspected compliance with Licence Condition 12 – Duly authorised and other suitably qualified and experienced persons. I identified a number of minor shortfalls evident in the compliance arrangements, which are defined in a mixture of company level and local documents. However despite the documentation shortfalls, the licensee demonstrated how established practice adequately ensured that all operations which affect safety are carried out by suitably qualified and experienced persons. Overall I rated compliance with LC12 to be below standard. Actions to address the documentation shortfalls were agreed with the licensee.

I inspected compliance with Licence Condition 26 – Control & supervision of operations. I was satisfied that the licensee has adequate arrangements for the control and supervision of operations on the site covering both normal plant operations and maintenance. The licensee demonstrated that these arrangements were adequately implemented on the site and adequate records were available to demonstrate compliance. Overall I was satisfied that the licensee met the requirements for ONR guidance for LC26, so I rated compliance with LC26 to be adequate. 

I reviewed status of actions and issues with the licensee. Good progress has been maintained in managing ONR actions on the site, and a number of actions have been completed effectively since the last intervention. I am satisfied that the licensee is adequately managing and responding to inspection actions and recommendations.

I met with the site safety representatives to discuss recent site safety performance and matters of regulatory interest.

Conclusion of Intervention

From the evidence gathered during this intervention I judged the licensee’s compliance with Licence Conditions 10 and 26 to be adequate. I judged compliance with Licence Condition 12 to be below standard. The licensee agreed actions to address these minor shortfalls, which are detailed in the report. These actions have no safety significance, and will be followed up as routine business by the site inspector during future interactions with the licensee.