Office for Nuclear Regulation

FOI releases prior to 2013

Date of release Request
16 November 2012 Inspection reports of Vulcan Navel Reactors Test Establishment 1 January 2010 to 25 October 2012
8 November 2012 Inspection reports for Devonport Royal Dockyard 23 December 2011 to 11 October 2012
22 August 2012 Technical Advisory Panel Terms of Reference, Aircraft Crash Hazard Assessment
17 August 2012 ONR's response to the consultation on the Draft National Planning Policy Framework conducted by the Department of Communities and Local Government
6 August 2012 Events that received an INES rating at either Sellafield or Dungeness in 2009, 2010 and 2011
6 August 2012 Various questions on ONR's completed Generic Design Assessment of proposed new reactors for the UK.  Framework Agreement with 31 contractors to support this process
1 August 2012 Suffolk Coastal District Council concerning Planning Application c.872/19 saying "there was no objection on nuclear safety grounds to the proposed the development"
31 July 2012 Reports held by HSE ONR on all emergency exercises conducted by the Atomic Weapon Establishment (AWE) in 2010 and 2011
27 July 2012 Documents referenced in the document entitled Classification of Berkeley Boilers as SC0-1 and various questions
27 July 2012 Fire incident at AWE Aldermaston 12 April 2012
30 May 2012 Transhipment of five radioactive heat exchangers from the Berkeley Nuclear Power Station
4 November 2010 Information released regarding a Project Assessment Report (PAR) for Sizewell B nuclear power station
5 October 2010 Release of information about all INES events at level 0 or above since 2001 at UK Civil Nuclear Licensed Sites
6 July 2009 Board paper released Briefing on the Nuclear Programme
7 September 2007 Assembly / Disassembly facilities run by AWE at Burghfield
3 July 2007 Periodic safety review for Hinkley Point B
23 November 2006 Licence Instruments issued by HMNII in respect of THORP
20 November 2006 Outage plans at Hinkley Point B power station
26 September 2006 Z-berths in Liverpool
4 September 2006 Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Station Safety Case
16 August 2006 Graphite related assessment reports, Oldbury Power Station
16 August 2006 Graphite cracking in the moderator bricks at power stations
30 May 2006 Development of cracks in the graphite moderator bricks at Hinkley Point B power station
20 July 2006 Two most recent specifications / directions made under section 3(3) of Nuclear Installations Act
13 September 2005 Nuclear research reactor at Queens Mary College