Office for Nuclear Regulation

Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2019

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FOI releases - 2019

Reference Request
201912050 Reports relating to 'No Deal Brexit' planning and the operation of Heysham 1 and 2
201911053 No Deal Brexit planning reports for Heysham 1 and 2
201911052 Planning consent for Nuclear power Stations
201911051 Master Vendor Arrangements
201911049 Hinkely Point C - Conventional Health and Safety contact records
201911048 Climate change
201911047 SMR/ANT future oversight
201911046 Communications and Telephony Request
201911044 Asbestos Surveys at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station
201911043 HR pay information
201911042 Summary of the regulations for spent nuclear fuel pools design and operation
201911041 Hinkley B Power Station
201911039 Details about ONR's Intranet
201911038 Climate change assessments and minutes for ONR's expert panel on Natural Hazards
201911037 Information about the construction costs and licensing of nuclear power plants
201910036 Power station reports
201910035 NCSC annual review
201910034 Radioactive contamination
201910033 Atomic Weapons Establishment
201910032 Hinkley B Power Station
201910031 Dungeness B
201910030 Unsuccessful bids on public tenders
201909027 Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Civil Nuclear Police Authority
201909026 Hinkley Power Station & Seismicity
201909025 HR Information
201909024 HR Information
201909023 HR Information
201909022 Finance department information
201909021 Loud bangs from Heysham
201908020 Dounreay power cut - regulatory action
201908019 Number of ONR staff disciplined and action taken
201907018 Transport of frack waste fluid from Preston New Road to Leeds
201906017 Sellafield security events
201906016 Sellafield "security events"
201906015 I would like to request a copy of SLP 3.04.06, ‘How do I define MSMLs?’, Issue 4
201906014 Annual Report and Accounts - Director Renumeration
201906013 Magnox cyber incident
201906012 Number of safety incidents at Heysham 1 and Heysham 2 operated by EDF Energy and Springfields
201905011 In relation to FOI201902062 - Wylfa Magnox R1: parasol grab loss 31.07.1993
201905010 ONR prosecution of Sellafield Ltd accident - February 2017
201905009 Sea level rise - request for flood cell maps for 25 nuclear sites
201905008 Request for a 'structured improvement programme' for AWE
201905007 Cyber threats to UK civil nuclear sites 2018 and 2019
201905006 Safety report and investigation into the cable strike incident on 7 September 2018
201905005 Request for a copy of ‘ONR's revised External Hazards Technical Assessment Guide lecture'
201904003 Cape & Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station
201904002 8 Full reports in relation to Sellafield Intervention Records
201904001 West Cumbria Mining - COAL CRIMES
201903066 Sellafield cable strike incident on 7 September 2018
201903065 Operating Facilities Division Weapons Sub-Division Strategy 2018-2020 and The ONR / AWE Inspection Plan for April 2019 - March 2020
201903064 Recruitment and risks in relation to SSAC and Safeguards team
201903063 Nuclear waste in Northern Ireland
201902062 Wylfa Magnox Reactor No. 1, Parasol grab loss incident on 31st July 1993
201902059 Graphite cracks at Hinkley Point B
201902058 Number of FOI requests processed by ONR in 2018
201901057 Correspondence between ONR and AWE from West Berkshire Council
201901056 Documents regarding the potential impact of Brexit
201901055 Modern Slavery Statement
201901053 Employee numbers
201901052 Sea level rises