Office for Nuclear Regulation

Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2018

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FOI releases - 2018

Reference Request
201811049 ONR’s spend with SMEs
201811048 Inspection report for Reactor 3 and safety case for Reactor 4 at Hunterston B
201811047 Details offour incidents that are the subject of prosecutions being pursued by ONR
201810046 Hinkley Point B documents relating to the asbestos
201810043 Energy efficiency
201810042 Number of inspectors employed by ONR
201810041 Euratom
201810040 ONR’s accountability
201809038 Staff Survey Report 2017 and 2018
201809036 Documents relating to asbestos at Hinkley Point B
201809035 Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review - August 2017
201809034 Summaries, reports or assessments made or commissioned on the impact of a “no deal” Brexit
201809031 Inspections at AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield
201808030 Photographs of cracks in reactor walls at Hunterston B
201808029 Employment Tribunal (ET1) forms
201808028 Nuclear Sector Deal
201808026 Transportation of radioactive materials to and from Loughborough University
201807025 Correspondence between the ONR and the Japanese nuclear authorities regarding plutonium
201807024 Email correspondence between the ONR and the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) regarding Flamanville
201807023 Risk Register(s) used by ONR for project management purposes
201807022 Cyber security breaches on operating nuclear reactors
201806020 Regulatory actions taken to ensure that AGR stations have sufficient reserves of Carbon Dioxide
201806018 Correspondence between the ONR and EDF relating to the shutdown of reactor three at Hunterston
201806017 Correspondence between the ONR's CNI’s office and ASN
201805012 Correspondence and documents relating to Brexit
201805009 Radioactive Materials Transport Accident Risk Assessment report
201805006 Safety case - Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited for the refuelling of HMS Vanguard in 2018
201805005 ONR Stakeholder Survey 2017
201804003 Cyber attacks on civil nuclear sites in 2017
201804001 New business appointments for ONR senior personnel
201803421 Information regarding Hinkley Point C, Hinkley Point B, Le Creusot Forge, ASN, Fracking, Flood risks and Seismic risks
201803417 Internet security breaches at AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield
201803415 Discharges from nuclear power stations
201802388 Minutes, reports or written communications - ONR inspection of Framatome's Le Creusot forge in October 2017
201802382 Earthquake / Seismic activity on the 17 February 2018
201802381 Correspondence between ONR and Westinghouse from October 1 2017 to February 10 2018
201802377 Graphite / Hinkley Point B
201802376 INF1s raised by Dounreay
201802365 Staffing levels at ONR
201801318 Incidents involving the Direct Rail Services transport of nuclear materials
201801315 Moorside / Sellafield emergency planning zones