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Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2017

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FOI releases - 2017

Reference Request
2017011034 RIDDOR statistics for 2014/15 and 2015/16 and Dangerous Occurrences under RIDDOR 2013
2017011037Hinkley Point C, Flamanville EPR, Areva and Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant Thorp
2017011049Oldest Flask used in the UK
2017011053How many nuclear waste sites are deemed unsafe
2017011054Security data breaches and site inspections
2017011061 High Integrity Components (HIC) for Hinkley Point C
2017011063 Hinkley Point C
2017011068Hunterton and Hinkley Point B Periodic Safety Review (PSR)
2017021073 ONR visit to Le Creusot Forge from 28 November to 2 December 2016
2017021075Aircraft crash risk assessment
2017021091Third Periodic Safety Review (PSR3) for Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B
2017021092 Adverse effects of an earthquake on the Springfields site
2017021100ONR visit to the AREVA Nuclear Products (NP) Creusot Forge (ACF) from 28 November to 2 December 2016
2017021105Leak at Sizewell
2017031106 ONR meeting with Toshiba, Engie their joint venture NuGen between October 1 2016 and February 2017
2017031107 Conventional Safety incidents, accidents or events notified to the ONR and HSE
2017031113 Oversight and Quality Assurance associated with Areva Le Creusot Forging
2017031143ONR IT budget and IT systems
2017031148 Multinational Design Evaluation Programme (MDEP) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Chinese Nuclear Regulator
201704017Exercise Astral Climb
201704031 Improvement Notice - Magnox Ltd
201704037Sellafield ltd - B560 THORP
201705042 ONR Staffing levels and budgeting
201705043ET claims forms
201705056Security breaches at Britain Nuclear power plants
201705057Security breaches surrounding a defined secure zone
201705058Transfer Scheme - The General Electricity Board
201705072Incidents/events reported to ONR/HSE as occurring within the B560 THORP Receipt & Storage pond facility between 2005 and 2017
201705076Internal estimates held by the Office for Nuclear Regulation for the total cost of and the total number of staff hours work associated with the Design Acceptance Confirmation and the Statement of Design Acceptability for the AP1000 nuclear reactor
201706089Springfields supplied cylinders of Uranium Hexaflouride and any other nuclear materials to the Soviet Union/Russia
201706099The storing or transportation of depleted uranium within or through the counties of Lancashire or Yorkshire
201706101 ONR visit to a China General Nuclear Power facility in Shenzhen
201707107High-Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources and Orphan Sources (HASS)
201707144Original decommissioning licence and associated documents for Bradwell
201707149How and why three of the radioactive materials found in the fracking flowback fluid are not NORMs ie.Cobalt 60,Americum 241,Caesium 137
201707151ONR preliminary estimate APR1400 Nuclear Reactor
201708161Transfer of safeguarding arrangements from Euratom to the Office for Nuclear Regulation in the event of the UK’s leaving Euratom
201708173Over exposure of an operator from a puncture wound during work in an active glovebox and "Personal contamination at reprocessing plant"
201708174DEPZ and offsite emergency plan including consultation documentation between Essex County Council and ONR in respect of Mersea Island
201708177Licensing of Sizewell B nuclear power station
201709197The UK Government position paper of 22nd June regarding nuclear materials and safeguard equipment and withdrawal from Euratom etc
201709200Licensee’s Supply Chain Management (SMC)
201709205Creusot Forge manufacturing files
201710222Follow-up to previous FOI request: Transfer of safeguarding arrangements from Euratom to the Office for Nuclear Regulation in the event of the UK’s leaving Euratom
201710233HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate report Urenco (Capenhurst) Ltd’s strategy for decommissioning its nuclear licensed site, dated November 2004
201710234Various cost questions
201710235ONR's extended mandate after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)?
201711251Sellafield Ltd’s Evaporator D project
201711253Sizewell B Main Steam Isolation Valve manufacturing quality plan and Sizewell B Main Steam Isolation Valve Equipment Qualification test file or report