Office for Nuclear Regulation

Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2015

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FOI releases - 2015

Date of release Request
4 November 2015 ONR employees previously employed by Hitachi, General Electric or Horizon Nuclear Power
13 October 2016 Number of fatalities in the UK related energy industries
11 August 2015 Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
4 August 2015 Description of each of the 294 reportable security incidents cited in the ONR Annual report 2014/15
28 July 2015 Regulatory Observations - UK ABWR Probabilistic Safety Analysis
8 July 2015 Bullying and Harassment Policy
22 July 2015 Total number of Freedom of Information requests that ONR received between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014
17 July 2015 Information Technology (IT) hardware
22 May 2015 HIRE Fault Assessment under REPPIR Reg 16(6)
1 May 2015 Information Technology (IT)
21 April 2015 Outsourced ICT services
13 March 2015 External recruitment agencies
4 March 2015 ICT/IT department training
3 February 2015 HAL stocks
21 January 2015 Military defence of nuclear power plants