Office for Nuclear Regulation

Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2014

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FOI releases - 2014

Date of release Request
19 December 2014 Military defence of nuclear power plants
9 October 2014 Two related questions regarding "Fracking" near licensed sites
1 October 2014 Details of visit to Japan 2014
18 September 2014 Employee drug and alcohol testing at civil nuclear facilities in the UK
8 September 2014 Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries
21 August 2014 Details of all FoI requests in last month
18 August 2014 Copy of Report ESS/2006/27 on Numerical Modelling of Wind Turbine Blade Throw
13 August 2014 Organisational Structure of ONR's ICT Department and the top 20 suppliers of ICT services
13 August 2014 Questions on stoppage at Hunterston B
1 August 2014 Number of hits each month on ONR website since January 2014
22 July 2014 Query on solar storms affecting nuclear safety and transport
16 July 2014 Specific information regarding possible flooding of the low-level waste repository at Drigg in Cumbria
26 June 2014 Questions on change of Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for Magnox SLC
24 June 2014 Further questions on Generic Design Assessment (GDA) and staff EDF pensions
23 June 2014 Questions on EDF changes at Dungeness
6 June 2014 Quarterly Reports for all sites 2008-2010
6 June 2014 Request for The Technical Assessment Guide External Hazards T/AST/013 reference document
29 May 2014 Copies of Lightening Risk Assessments for all UK active nuclear premises both Civil and MOD sites
21 May 2014 How many persons involved with GDA have pensions from other companies and what was the company name and banding in ONR
21 May 2014 Questions to determine whether any conflict of interest occurred related to staff involved in GDA & DAC having pensions from other nuclear related companies
7 May 2014 Licence holders pre Sellafield and BNFL
5 May 2014 Various questions on Dungeness B over the last 5 - 10 years
2 May 2014 Security breaches
1 May 2014 Risk assessments - Are any comparative studies of SMR types, and large reactor types, regarding the possible impacts of extreme accidents in progress?
17 April 2014 Questions on Vulcan Naval Test Reactor
15 April 2014 Cost of new branding for ONR of equipment, website, logo etc
9 April 2014 Contact reports produced for the Dounreay Nuclear Licensed site
9 April 2014 Copy of 14 principles agreed by ONR and SL to speed decommissioning
9 April 2014 A copy of the Sellafield Ltd Management Investigation report on an incident in February 2013
9 April 2014 Various figures on ONR staff numbers and budgets in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014
7 April 2014 Information on amount of plutonium from UK Magnox AGR and other reactors in UK only
1 April 2014 Copy of report: "Testing interval optimisation strategy" cross programmes (CNRP / DWL)
28 March 2014 Conditions on the graphite cores in nuclear reactors
24 March 2014 Detected levels of radioactivity at Sellafield - January 2014
27 February 2014 PSR Contacts Report between ONR and DSRL on the UFCF Project
25 February 2014 Various questions on senior managers in the nuclear industry
13 February 2014 Any reports or safety reviews relating to Hartlepool nuclear power station turbine fire of April 2013
3 February 2014 Structural improvements to building, AWE Aldermaston, lessons learnt / observations, reports
31 January 2014 INES reported incidents
17 January 2014 The numbers of incidents in 2012 and 2013 with a breakdown into mode of transport (rail, road, air or sea) and a summary including location.
16 January 2014 Minutes of Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Annual Review of Safety meeting - July 2013
10 January 2014 Training documents utilised by NII/ONR and any other information relating to training documents
10 January 2014 Copy of a 1998 BNFL report covering safety studies on highly active storage tanks at Sellafield, UK