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Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2013

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FOI releases - 2013

Date of release Request
20 December 2013 List of all leaks from Nuclear Power stations. storage area and transportation to land, sea or air over 25 years in UK
18 December 2013 - 22 January 2014 ONR correspondence on changes to the Organisational Capability of DSRL since 01/4/12
12 December 2013 Leiston Development and Sizewell Emergency Arrangements
11 December 2013 Various questions on Studsvik, Lilyhall nr Workington
9 December 2013 A copy of any public documents highlighting the proposed construction of Hinkley C
5 December 2013 Minutes of meetings of the Technical Advisory Panel - Aircraft Hazard Assessment providing insight into its work
3 December 2013 Five questions on Helicopter Pad at Hinkley Point
27 November 2013 Copies of Sizewell B Pre-commissioning Safety Report and Pre Operation Safety Report
22 November 2013 Nuclear breakdowns / safety faults / near misses etc since 1 January 2009, full list of incidents when they occurred, what happened, the level of risk involved and what follow up action was taken
19 November 2013 Copies of minutes BAE Systems Barrow Regulatory Interface Forum - 1 June 2012 to date
13 November 2013 BAE Systems Barrow - Wet Dock Quay
1 November 2013 Fracking and Nuclear Sites - Earthquakes
24 October 2013 All information related to the risk/probability of flooding at the Dungeness nuclear power complex
22 October 2013 Details of training and assessment of Human Factors Inspectors
17 October 2013 Sizewell C - Control Safety Systems
10 October 2013 Nuclear Generation Ltd. (NGL) - review of case for Dungeness B continued operation
8 October Technical Advisory Panel Terms of Reference, Aircraft Crash Hazard Assessment
24 September 2013 Official correspondence from senior executives at ONR to DECC, OND FCO and NIAFukushima for period January 2012 to December 2012 and refined period of January 2012 to March 2012
16 August 2013 All information related to the risk/probability of flooding at the Dungeness nuclear power complex at Dungeness in Kent in the period March 1, 2012 to March 1st 2013
15 August 2013 Reviews of the licence application for Sizewell B
31 July 2013 ONR pay rates
24 July 2013 Probabilistic safety analysis report
5 & 25 July 2013 GDA issue on ONR assessment report ONR GDA AR 11 033 RWO Nov 2011
5 July 2013 Further documents on GDA issue Sharepoint
5 July 2013 Technical case on decision made on Leiston Development
3 July 2013 Copy of Judges summary re Sellafield Fine
2 July 2013 Steam Generator Tube Rupture
17 June 2013 Copies of internal reports observing emergency exercise at civil nuclear sites January 2012 to January 2013
10 June 2013 Copy of Sizewell REPPIR report
10 June 2013 Copies of reports referenced in safety management audit report
30 May 2013 GDA issue of copy exclusion guidance
20 May 2013 All reports on copper corrosion 2005 to 2013
16 May 2013 Level 3 emergency exercise at Wylfa
2 May 2013 Treatment of ILW as referenced in report to AWE LLC
2 May 2013 Documents as part of the GDA regulatory process
1 May 2013 AWE Emergency Planning Zones
24 April 2013 Copies of internal reports observing emergency exercise at civil nuclear sites Jan 2012 18 Jan 2013
17 April 2013 Copies on any reports on destructive testing of vulnerable parts of nuclear facilities
15 April 2013 All reports on nuclear sites in Scotland from 05.11.2011 to 25.03.2013
10 April 2013 Question on rail transport of radioactive materials Hinkley Point
3 April 2013 Required standard for Level 3 emergency response role training
28 March 2013 Structural degradation of buildings at AWE
21 March 2013 Copy of latest Annual Safety Review for Sellafield
15 March 2013 A copy of NII document referred to in the Public Inquiry for Sizewell B titled Hypothetical accident scenario to illustrate the extension of the Sizewell emergency plan, 1984
14 March 2013 Information on rail routes used to transport radioactive materials from Dounreay to Sellafield
14 March 2013 Various questions on Dounreay and transportation and decommissioning
12 March 2013 GE Healthcare Amersham Soakaways Shaft
6 March 2013 Breach of Security at Sellafield
6 March 2013 Copy of report explaining ONR's decisions that Coulport does not require licensing under NIA and various other documents in relation to this
28 February 2013 Copies of the Symptom-Based Emergency Response guidelines (SBERG) and Severe Accident Guidelines (SAG)
26 February 2013 Dates of last and next level 3 emergency exercise at Wylfa nuclear power station
20 February 2013 Reports observing emergency planning exercises in Civil Nuclear Facilities in UK 01.01.2011 to date
20 February 2013 Further information on Inspection Reports for HM Naval Base Clyde
18 February 2013 Requests for reports that led to the improvement notice 1/2012/ONR/SJV/001 for Harwell
15 February 2013 Various details of staff secondments to ONR 01.01.2010 to date
15 February 2013 All ministerial briefings and lines to take prepared for or by press officer
13 February 2013 Various documents and questions regarding Hinkley Point B
29 January 2013 GE Healthcare Soakaways Shaft
24 January 2013 Copy of Annual Security Review Rosyth Naval Dockyard
24 January 2013 Ductile cast iron containers - Assessment Reports 17/2011 and 59/2011
23 January 2013 Details of consulting bodies used by ONR and their financial share of subcontract agreement
16 January 2013 Security Requirement Notices Issued 1/1/2012 - date