Office for Nuclear Regulation

Your views on ONR's responsiveness to innovation

This consultation closed on 31 January 2016

The Chancellor asked all government departments and regulatory bodies to consider how well they and their associated regulatory regimes are prepared for innovation. ONR ran a consultation until 31 January 2016 to seek stakeholder views which ONR could use to inform DECC's response to the development of a Government Innovation Plan due for publication in spring 2016.

ONR is responsive to innovation and we have reviewed how we currently regulate existing and emerging nuclear technologies in order to provide assurance on the effectiveness of our regulatory approach, which is explored in more detail within the 'Seeking views on ONR's input to DECC's Innovation Plan' document.

We are interested to hear responses from businesses by 31 January 2016 to the following three questions:

  1. Do you agree that ONR's legislation and enforcement framework is adapted to new technologies to encourage growth?
  2. Do you think that ONR has assessed what new technology is likely to shape nuclear regulation?
  3. Do you agree that ONR utilises new technologies to generate efficiency savings and reduce burdens on business?

Response to the consultation

ONR received four responses to the consultation. A number of themes were raised including:

In the main, comments were aligned with ONR thinking and reinforced what was already contained within our submission and being considered as part of ONR's work going forward. However, new additions incorporated into the ONR submission included:

Confidentiality and Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the FOI Act 2000/EIR Regulations 2004, all information contained in your responses may be subject to publication or disclosure. If you consider that some of the information provided in your response should not be disclosed, you should indicate the information concerned, request that it is not disclosed and explain what harm you would consider would result from the disclosure. The final decision on whether the information should be withheld rests with ONR. However, we will take into account your views when making the decision.

Additional copies

Please contact us if you require this document in an alternative format such as Braille or large print.

This consultation closed on 31 January 2016