Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Technical assessment guides (TAGs)

The Technical Assessment Guides (TAGs) are intended to give additional guidance to ONR Specialist Inspectors beyond that in the Safety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Facilities (SAPs) and the Security Assessment Principles (SyAPs).

As a result of the Fukushima event, ONR has revised its SAPs and will update the TAGs, where needed, as part of the existing rolling programme of review and update. The Fukushima Report Recommendation IR-5 work has re-defined our previous programme for updating the SAPs and we have introduced a formal 5 year review period. As TAGs become available, or are updated (at least every 3 years), they will be posted on this website.

The existing TAGs have been developed largely to support the 2006 SAPs. These TAGs will continue to be used as appropriate guidance, alongside the new SAPs and to help this process we have produced a cross reference table.

until the revised SAPs and TAGs are produced.