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Euratom Safeguards in the UK

The safeguards reporting requirements that derive from the Euratom Treaty are detailed in Commission Regulation (Euratom) 302/2005.

The regulation sets out requirements for the provision of Basic Technical Characteristics (BTCs) and programmes of activities for installations subject to safeguards, and for nuclear material accountancy reports and associated notifications:

all of which must be provided to the European Commission.

The regulation came into force in March 2005 and updates the previous regulation (No. 3227/76) on Euratom Treaty safeguards reporting requirements.

Regulation 302/2005 also includes provision for reduced safeguards reporting by organisations with smaller inventories of material. Please contact ONR Safeguards for further information on reporting arrangements in these circumstances.

All reporting should be sent to the European Commission via ONR. Formal notification of safeguards inspections is also provided to ONR, as are copies of Euratrom's follow-up letters for each inspection should be copied to ONR.

Typical Euratom safeguards inspection frequencies range from three weeks in every four at sites like Sellafield, to monthly inspections at enrichment plants, less frequent inspections at power stations and inspections only once every several years at selected locations with smaller inventories of material. More than 100 UK facilities or other duty holders are currently subject to Euratom safeguards, with some 220 inspections (about 1000 person days of Euratom effort) during 2014.