Office for Nuclear Regulation

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HSE revokes the nuclear site licence for ICI's Triga reactor and ends the licensees' period of responsibility

  1. ICI Chemicals and Polymers Ltd (ICI) have operated a research reactor (Triga) at Billingham, Cleveland. The reactor was licensed under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965 (as amended), NIA65. The reactor began operation in 1971 and ceased on 28 th June 1996. Decommissioning and dismantling of the reactor and associated structures were completed by July 2003.
  2. ICI wrote to HSE in July 2003 to request revocation of the licence and ending of their period of responsibility. ICI submitted a safety case to support this request.
  3. Section 5(3)(a) of NIA65 addresses revocation and surrender of the nuclear site licence and defines the expression 'ending of the period of responsibility' in the context of terminating the licence as;
    'the date the HSE gives notice in writing to the licensee that in the opinion of HSE there has ceased to be any danger from ionising radiations from anything on the site or, as the case may be, on that part thereof.'
  4. In determining whether there has ceased to be any danger from ionising radiations resulting from the operation, the interpretation used has been that described in the HSE criterion for delicensing nuclear sites
  5. HSE assessed the safety case against its published criterion for delicensing nuclear sites and commissioned the Health Protection Agency Radiation Protection Division, HPA/RPD (previously NRPB) to conduct an independent radiation survey of the site.
  6. HSE has concluded that there is 'no danger' from ionising radiation from anything on the nuclear licensed site and that the HSE's criterion on 'no danger' has been complied with.
  7. HSE has consulted with the Environment Agency (EA) and no issues have been identified that would prevent revocation of the licence or ending of the licensee's period of responsibility. The EA has indicated in writing that it has no objections on waste management grounds.
  8. HSE signed the revocation of the licence for Triga reactor on 25 th November 2005. The revocation and ending of the licensee's period of responsibility came into force on that date.