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Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station periodic safety review

Statement of progress on follow-up work, June 2007

British Energy Generation Ltd. (BEGL, the licensee) submitted the report of the Periodic Safety Review (PSR) for Sizewell B to the NII at the end of 2003 (the X - 1 date)a. NII assessed the PSR and its findings were transmitted to BEGL in January 2005. The decision to allow continued operation was given in a letter to BE in September 2005 (the X date)b and was subject to satisfactory progress being maintained on the follow-up work. The public report of the findings of NII's assessment was placed on the HSE website in June 2006 and referred to a programme of follow-up work.

The follow-up work comprised that identified by the licensee, as recommendations arising from its PSR, and those requirements arising from NII's assessment of the PSR. All the follow-up work was captured on what was termed the Consolidated Action List and tracked by the licensee. The licensee held regular project meetings to monitor progress and NII received regular updates by correspondence and at meetings, including start-up and review meetings.

It was accepted by NII, on receipt of the appropriate justification from the licensee before the decision date, that it was reasonably practicable for work on some of the items to continue past the X + 2 date. In addition, NII has accepted that it is reasonably practicable to extend the completion dates for a further limited number of items, following the appropriate justification by the licensee.

The X + 2 date was 31 January 2007 when NII was content that satisfactory progress on the follow-up work has been, and will continue to be, maintained. The progress on completion of the remaining items of work will continue to be monitored as part of normal regulatory business and progress will be reported at start-up and review meetings.


  1. The background to PSRs, including a summary of the history of PSRs in the UK, their objectives and the legal position, is given in Sizewell B nuclear power station: the findings of NII's assessment of British Energy's periodic safety review. An indicative programme for the production of a PSR submission and an explanation of the "X dates" is given in NSD Technical Assessment Guide T/AST/050 Periodic Safety Reviews Issue 3, April 2004.
  2. The original X date was 31 January 2005 but was changed in September 2005 by mutual agreement to take account of anything of significance for the PSR which may have arisen during RFO7, the major 10-year outage in the spring of that year.