Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Request to approve amendments to Site Emergency Plan

Licence instrument no. 503

Permission requested

Magnox Limited, the operator (known as the licensee) of Dungeness A Nuclear Licensed Site, has requested that the regulator approves amendments to the Site Emergency Plan.


In December 2006, the two nuclear reactors on the Dungeness A Nuclear Licensed Site were permanently shutdown and the site has subsequently entered the Defueling and decommissioning (D&D) phase. The number of types of on-site conditions that have the potential to result in a site incident or off-site nuclear emergency has significantly reduced following the depressurisation of both reactors, the removal of the requirement for forced cooling of the reactors, and the removal of bulk stores of CO2 from the site. As a result, the timescales over which an on-site condition might develop into an off-site emergency are significantly increased.

Assessment and inspection work carried out by Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) in consideration of this request

The proposal has been assessed by an ONR radiation protection specialist and was found to be acceptable.

Matters arising from ONR's work

There are no regulatory issues or concerns.


The proposal has undergone technical review within the licensees organisation and it has been subject to ONR assessment and inspection. There is no technical or regulatory reason that prevents approval of the amended site emergency plan.


Approval of the amended site emergency plan should be given by issuing Licence Instrument 503 to the licensee.