Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Standards and advice

Submission, Clearance and Approval of Papers for Publication

STD/006 - Issue 1

1. Purpose and scope

1.1 This procedure describes NSD's arrangements for staff submitting abstracts/synopses and formal papers for conferences and journals and giving less formal presentations to meetings and conferences.

2. Policy

2.1 NSD uses conferences, meetings and journals as an opportunity to explain its regulatory strategy and experience and, where appropriate, discuss its emerging thinking on specific regulatory topics.

2.2 NSD encourages inspectors to publish papers and give presentations to contribute towards their CPD.

2.3 Papers/presentations given by NSD staff should generally be authoritative unless they discuss emerging thinking.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 Staff shall discuss abstracts/synopses, papers and informal presentations with their Line Manager and NTL in advance.

3.2 Staff shall clear all papers for publication (conference or journal) through their Line Manager and NTL before sending to the Head of Division for approval.

3.3 Staff shall ensure copies of approved papers are circulated to the appropriate NTL and other relevant staff/ A copy should be deposited in the Knowledge Centre for the corporate memory.

3.4 Line Manager and NTL shall clear all abstracts/synopses and less formal presentations.

3.5 Head of Division shall approve all papers for publication.

4. Definitions

4.1 NTL - Nuclear Topic Lead

4.2 CPD - Continuing professional development

4.3 SMG - Senior Management Group

5. Procedure


5.1 Staff who wish to submit a paper for publication for a conference or a journal will normally be required, in the first instance to submit an abstract or synopsis. The abstract/synopsis should be discussed with the Line Manager and NTL.

5.2 Staff who wish to attend a conference where they are submitting a paper for publication should at the same time follow the procedure in BSS/HRM/023.

5.3 If the abstract is accepted and a paper is requested, the paper should be cleared through the Line Manager and NTL and approved by the Head of Division. Staff should note that all papers retain Crown Copyright.


5.4 Staff may be asked or wish to give less formal presentations at meetings. Overheads may be circulated and in some cases a paper is requested by one of the journals. Such presentations should be discussed with the Line Manager and appropriate NTL. If a paper is subsequently written it should be approved by the Head of Division.

Strategic Papers

5.5 NTLs for a specific topic will identify suitable opportunities to present NSD's regulatory strategy or emerging thinking within their discipline area and will identify a suitable author.

5.6 Once drafted the paper will be circulated for comment which would normally include technical specialists in the appropriate topic, Managers and Safety Policy Directorate (SPDE).

5.7 If the NTL decides the paper is clearly discussing emerging thinking which may not have SMG endorsement, then the paper should carry the caveat:

5.8 "These are the views of the author and do not necessarily represent the view of HSE"

5.9 If the NTL decides that the paper does not go beyond already established strategy or if the paper is discussing emerging thinking and it has had the endorsement of SMG, then there is no need for the caveat. The paper will be cleared by the NTL and Line Manager and sent to a Head of Division (normally in the NTL's line management chain) for approval.

CPD papers

5.9 An inspector who proposes to submit a paper for CPD purposes should first discuss the proposal with the NTL and Line Manager to ensure that it does not conflict with any strategic papers.

5.10 The paper should be cleared with the NTL and Line Manger, who will advise on further consultation, clearance and the needs for caveats. It will be approved by the Head of Division.

6. Associated Documents

6.1BMM/ANNEX/6 - Nuclear topic leads and groups and nominated specialists

6.2 BSS/HRM/023 - NSD participation and Attendance at conferences