Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Class Definition
RES/FWD Foreword
RES/001 Nuclear Safety Research
RES/002 ONR NSS Overarching Procedure for the letting of work packages under the Technical Service Framework
RES/007 ONR HSE Science Programme
G/RES/001 Guidance: Policy relevant research and support
G/RES/002 Guidance: Reactor nuclear safety research - Nuclear research index - development
G/RES/003 Guidance: Nuclear research index issue closure process
G/RES/004 Guidance: ONR Assessment of reactor licensee nuclear research schedules
G/RES/005 Guidance: Reactor nuclear safety research technical exchanges
G/RES/006 Guidance: Consultation, auditing and reporting arrangements
G/RES/007 Guidance: Levy Programme Development & Financial Arrangements
G/RES/008 Guidance: Commissioning and managing research and support
G/RES/009 Guidance: Monitoring levy research and support projects
G/RES/010 Guidance: Distribution, dissemination & retention of research and support reports and committee papers
G/RES/011 Guidance: Levy Research Programme and Support Programme Evaluation
G/RES/012 External relations for research
G/RES/013 Guidance: Arrangements for using overseas technical support contractors and for exchanging information with overseas nuclear safety regulators