Office for Nuclear Regulation

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ONR regulatory divisions

ONR has reorganised into a new operational delivery programme structure to reflect nuclear industry sectors and is continuing with the reorganisation of cross-cutting and business support functions.

Civil Nuclear Reactor Programme / New build

Director, Mark Foy

Mark Foy

Regulates the safety of operating and defueling nuclear power stations and licensing and permissioning of proposed new build nuclear power stations.

Sellafield Programme

Director, Andy Lindley

Andy Lindley

Regulates the safety of Sellafield and Windscale nuclear licensed sites in Cumbria.

Decommissioning, Fuel and Waste Programme

Director, Mina Golshan

Mina Golshan

Regulates safety on a variety of nuclear fuel sites, including fuel cycle, nuclear research, waste management and decommissioning sites.

Defence Programme

Director, Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

Regulates safety at defence sector nuclear sites, including submarine and atomic weapons facilities, working closely with the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator.

Civil Nuclear Security

Director, Adrian Freer

Adrian Freer

Regulates security at civil licensed nuclear sites, and all other locations where sensitive nuclear information is held; and the movement by road and rail within the UK, and globally within UK flagged vessels of nuclear and other radioactive material.

Cross ONR Programme

Director, Mike Finnerty

Mike Finnerty

Taking forward strategic cross-cutting operational themes and regulating safety during the transport of radioactive material by road and rail in Great Britain, and advising on its transport by air and sea within the UK territorial waters.

Finance and Corporate Services

Supports the work of all of ONR by providing finance, HR, communications and internal security guidance.

Regulatory Assurance

Director, David Senior

David Senior

The Regulatory Assurance Programme delivers independent operational oversight across all of ONR's regulatory functions.