Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Nuclear Safety Inspector - Supply chain

What are ONR's expectations for Supply Chain Management?

ONR expects nuclear site licence holders (Licensees) to have supply chain management arrangements in place which ensure the delivery of nuclear plant, equipment and services right first time .

The arrangements should ensure that nuclear safety is adequately and proportionally taken into account when developing supply chain strategies and policies. A fundamental element of the arrangements is the Licensee's procurement process controls such that appropriate levels of oversight and assurance are applied by the Licensee and all organisations within its supply chain.

The arrangements should include the cascade of safety, legal and regulatory requirements throughout the supply chain associated with the provision of nuclear plant, equipment and services.

Who do we need?

Can you see the bigger picture and recognise the potential underlying causes of problems identified by a licensee or regulator? We need people who understand the importance of effective supply chain management in the nuclear industry and how poor performance can affect nuclear safety.

Our inspectors need to be capable of assisting or leading inspections, engaging with senior managers and conducting assessments of safety submissions, to provide reasoned judgements on the adequacy of the licensee's supply chain management arrangements to deliver and sustain nuclear safety. Of particular importance is the ability to prioritise issues based on their impact on nuclear safety and to be able to work in a dynamic environment.

Which areas are we interested in?

ONR is seeking people with knowledge and experience of some or all of the following:

How to apply

Please visit our recruitment portal.