Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Nuclear Safety Inspector - Structural integrity, materials, structural analysis, non-destructive examination

What does structural integrity mean in ONR?

Within the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), our Structural Integrity Inspectors don't deal with the integrity of steel framed or concrete structures, that's the job of our Civil Engineers. As an ONR Structural Integrity Inspector, you will be concerned with pressure vessels, internal structures, pipes and their supporting structures. Internal structures include graphite reactor core.

With Advanced Gas-Cooled reactors (AGRs) this includes the boilers within the concrete pressure vessel reactor internals and the steam, feed and other pipework that sit outside the pressure vessels. For Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs) it includes all the primary and secondary pressure vessels, internal structures and associated pipework, and for chemical plants it includes all the main processing vessels and pipework that contain radioactive materials. For chemical plant this would be the design, operational and degradation challenges that are presented by complex high integrity chemical plant.

Who do we need?

We are looking for experts who not only have a specialism related to structural integrity, but those who have developed an understanding of the inter-relationship between stresses, materials and defects in structural integrity; the different aspects that contribute to a structural integrity safety case.

As well as providing guidance and advice in your specialism, you would need to be able to lead on the technical assessment of structural integrity aspects of safety cases (with occasional support from other specialist inspectors). Is that something you could take on? If so, send us your application.

Which areas are we interested in?

We are looking for people with a specialist knowledge of one (or more) of the following areas; specialists who can also take the lead on the overall assessment of a safety case; a case that could include aspects of several of the areas outlined below:

How to apply

Please visit our recruitment portal.