Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Nuclear Safety Inspector - Quality management

What are ONR's expectations for quality management?

ONR expects nuclear site licence holders to have quality management arrangements in place which ensure that nuclear safety is adequately and proportionately taken into account when setting strategic organisational goals and developing strategies and policies to achieve these goals. Nuclear site licence holders (licensees) need to have adequate arrangements for organisational planning and setting resource requirements and for developing and maintaining their processes and quality management systems. These arrangements should include management of the supply chain and arrangements to effectively cascade safety, legal and regulatory requirements to suppliers.

ONR also expects nuclear site licence holders to have adequate arrangements for learning from quality related events both inside and outside of the nuclear industry and for identifying opportunities to improve safety and quality performance, and the quality management system.

Who does ONR need?

ONR needs people who understand the importance of quality management in the nuclear industry and how poor quality management can adversely affect nuclear safety. ONR Quality Management (QM) Inspectors need to understand how quality management is used to ensure that safety and regulatory requirements are fulfilled and how safety and quality performance can be continually improved.

ONR needs QM Inspectors who understand the key goals and attributes a nuclear organisation needs to have in order to operate safely and effectively and how effective quality management arrangements underpin these.

QM Inspectors need to be able to focus beyond the immediate problem and recognise the underlying causes of why problems have occurred and how the underlying causes relate to the overall licensee organisation.

QM Inspectors need to be good communicators, both verbal and written, and be able to interact effectively with colleagues and licensees. QM Inspectors need to be capable of undertaking assessments and inspections in teams or individually. QM Inspectors must have the ability to prioritise issues based on their potential impact on nuclear safety and be able to work in dynamic environments.

What areas are ONR interested in?

ONR is seeking people with knowledge and experience of some or all of the following:

How to apply

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