Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Fuel and core analysis

What does fuel and core analysis mean in ONR?

Within the Office for Nuclear Regulation, it is necessary to confirm that the limits and conditions for plant operation are adequately defined so as to ensure that fuel damage is avoided in normal operation and fault condition.

In the case of normal operation, degradation mechanisms which may affect the fuel need to be identified and the conditions likely to lead to damage defined as design criteria. These criteria are then used to define limits and conditions of operation necessary to adequately protect the fuel and to define surveillances to ensure that the limits are respected.

In most cases, assessment will involve collaboration with experts in the fault transient analysis topic area and the ability to assess analytical methods used to represent the fuel and core response is necessary.

Who do we need?

For NPP fuel and core analysis we are looking for experts who have a good understanding of reactor fuel and core performance. A sound understanding of statistical treatment of uncertainty and of mechanical design is necessary and familiarity with the use of one or more analytical Design Basis Analysis codes (PANTHER, ENIGMA etc.) would be an advantage.

For other nuclear facilities experience in the analysis of complex behaviour of high hazard process plant under fault conditions is an advantage. A good understanding of supporting techniques such as ASME design standards, reactor physics analytical methods, CFD and two-phase flow modelling would be an advantage.

As well as providing guidance and advice in your specialism, you would need to be able to lead on the technical assessment of fuel and core aspects of safety cases liaising with other specialist inspectors. Is that something you could take on? If so, send us your application.

Which areas are we interested in?

We are looking for people who can apply their specialist knowledge to the regulatory assessment of nuclear safety cases for example:

How to apply

Please visit our recruitment portal.