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Planned participation in the Springfields Emergency Planning Consultative Committee, (EPCC) meeting at Lancashire Constabulary HQ, Hutton

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

I participated in a planned meeting of the Springfields Emergency Planning Consultative Committee, (EPCC), as part of the 2014/15 ONR intervention plan for the Springfields Fuels Limited site.

Intervention Carried Out by ONR

I provided regulatory advice on a range of emergency planning matters, whilst participating in the planned meeting of the Springfields EPCC, held at Lancashire Constabulary HQ at Hutton. 

Explanation of Judgement if Safety System Not Judged to be Adequate

Not applicable

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

There was a generally good representation of the various agencies involved in the licensee’s ’off site’ emergency planning arrangements and very constructive dialogue at this EPCC meeting. 

The licensee demonstrated good evidence of frequent exercising with the ‘blue lights’ emergency services, to maintain and further develop close cooperation, which provided a good degree of regulatory confidence in the implementation of  those aspects of the licensee’s emergency arrangements.

The revised ‘off site’ emergency plan, due for implementation in December 2014,  had been fundamentally reviewed and a broad range of improvements had been effectively consulted upon, with a broad consensus having been gained supporting these improvements, including incorporating regulatory advice from ONR.  Experience from events had been duly incorporated, which had led to the development of five emergency declaration levels, the implementation of which should provide improved clarity to all agencies involved in responses to an ‘off site’ emergency.

Conclusion of Intervention

I concluded that the licensee’s EPCC meeting was a very productive forum, at which there was very constructive dialogue between the various agencies represented, addressing a range of emergency planning matters.  In particular, a number of significant improvements were discussed and agreed to the ‘off site emergency plan’, which is due to be implemented on 1 December 2014.  An inspection rating of “2”, good, was warranted for this intervention.