Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Inspection of structural integrity aspects of the 2014 periodic shut down (RO13)

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This record presents the findings of the Structural Integrity inspection at Sizewell B (SZB) power station as observed during the period 28 and 29 October 2014.  The scope of this report covers the structural integrity aspects of steels structures at SZB. 

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

During the inspection, I had discussions with the PSSR 2000 competent person from Lloyds Register, Structural Integrity staff from both SZB and EDF central offices at Barnwood, and with NIO (Nuclear Inspection and Oversight) representatives.  Walk-downs were conducted both inside and outside the containment. 

Explanation of Judgement if Safety System Not Judged to be Adequate

My inspection of the Structural Integrity work occurring at site, as of 28 and 29 October is that it is Adequate (3). 

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

From a Structural Integrity viewpoint, I consider that the outage is progressing well and the materials and inspection processes are being controlled properly.  The Structural Integrity Panel (SIP) Meetings are occurring regularly and are well attended.

The PSSR 2000 inspections are progressing to plan and there has been progress in rewriting the Written Schemes of Examination sufficient to achieve the outage.  EDF should now complete the process of updating the PSSR 2000 Written Schemes of Examination and provide ONR with a statement that these are up to date and reflect the work being conducted.

I consider that the materials and inspection programmes are proceeding satisfactorily and that the two component inspections deleted from the scope have been through due process and are acceptable. 

I consider that the Flow-Assisted Corrosion (FAC) inspections are progressing well and that commitments to change out affected components, made at the previous outage, are being discharged appropriately.

I consider that the level and understanding shown by the NIO (Nuclear Inspection and Oversight) representative is good.  I am satisfied that proper due process is being followed in this area.

I performed plant inspections both inside and outside the containment and, no significant issues were identified. 

Conclusion of Intervention

I consider that, as of 29 October 2014, the Outage is progressing satisfactorily in terms of Structural Integrity. There are currently no Structural Integrity issues that will prevent the return to power of the plant.

One action will be placed relating to updating Written Schemes of Examination.  This will be managed via the Assessment report on this Intervention.