Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Oldbury - System Inspection Of The Cooling Water System

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This intervention was undertaken as part of a series of planned inspections of Oldbury licensed nuclear site during 2014-15.

Interventions carried out by ONR

I undertook an inspection of the cooling water system, closed out actions carried over from my previous Oldbury inspections and I was updated on the implementation of the new emergency arrangements that was given permission by ONR licence instrument at the end of March 2014.

Explanation of judgement if safety system not judged to be adequate

The cooling water system inspection was deemed to be adequate.

Key findings, Inspector's opinions and reasons for judgements made

After discussions with Oldbury I was able to close a number of outstanding actions from previous inspections. Those that remain will be transferred into the ONR issues database, where they will be tracked to satisfactory resolution.

I inspected progress with implementation of the new emergency plan that was approved by ONR at the end of March 2014. I was satisfied with the implementation work that had been carried out.

Conclusion of intervention

Oldbury are maintaining an adequate level of safety in the areas inspected.