Office for Nuclear Regulation

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ONR/EDF Fuel Route 6 Monthly Review Meeting - Barnwood

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

The purpose of the intervention was to maintain a shared understanding of EDF NGL's priorities regarding fuel route engineering support and the strategy for the Fuel Route Systems Branch (FRSB), a constituent part of the Licensee's Engineering Division based at the Barnwood offices. FRSB have a role in preparing the safety cases for fuel route operations at Power Stations that are required by Licence Condition 23.

There was agreement that this intervention provided an ideal forum for a mutually beneficial exchange of information, and that this open and transparent approach would have the effect of pre-emptively avoiding any issues in the future that may raise regulatory concerns. ONR emphasised that they would approach the meeting in a spirit of openness and transparency, and that the main intention of ONR was to gain increased and ongoing visibility of a key area of station operations.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

Two ONR inspectors attended the meeting with senior representatives from FRSB. The meeting was one of a series of such meetings held approximately every 6 months that have the objective of keeping ONR informed of FRSB work to comply with Licence Condition 23. The key elements discussed during the intervention included staff changes within FRSB, FRSB's responses to specific queries from ONR and the likely FRSB programme of work over the next year.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

NGL continues to make adequate progress on fuel route safety cases as indicated by their responses to ONR queries and by the content of the presentations, which were discussed during the course of the meeting. ONR intend to continue to engage with NGL FRSB throughout 2014/2015 to influence further improvements.

Conclusion of Intervention

As adequate progress is being made, there is no need to consider any regulatory action.


No recommendations were raised as result of this intervention.