Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Site inspection of Hunterston A

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This report covers interventions in pursuit of the ONR integrated intervention strategy for Hunterston A, in particular to address regulatory issues identified as part of Inspection plan and carry out the planned Compliance inspections.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

This report outlines the result of inspections mainly to address compliance inspection with four licence conditions (LC) and follow-up of regulatory actions placed on the site from previous inspections as follows:

Explanation of Judgement if Safety System Not Judged to be Adequate


Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

LC 9 - This inspection targeted instructions to persons on site in the event of an emergency or accident. Although the arrangements are adequate some potential areas for improvement were identified, such as a need to provide an information card regarding the alarms to visitors and itinerants such a specialist maintenance contractors who come on site periodically, but infrequently. In addition, there is a need to consider having a repeater of the alarms in the drop-in centre on site for individuals to re-acquaint themselves easily. Overall I rated the arrangements and their implementation to be adequate.

LC 32 - Overall the arrangements and their implementation were quite good and largely meeting the spirit and intent of the regulatory requirements. However, certain deficiencies in the demonstration of ALARP and understanding and recording of regulatory positions were found. I rated this inspection as adequate.

LC 34 - This inspection covered several facilities to gain an understanding of items on plant that provide means of avoid avoiding leakage and escape of material. Again, the arrangements and the implementation generally appeared to be quite good and largely meeting the spirit and intent of the regulatory requirements. However, there are areas such as the Low Level waste processing facility where the purpose of enclosures and the safety claims on them needs to be understood and confirmed. Overall I rated this inspection as adequate.

LC 35 - This inspection focused on the site decommissioning programme and the site and company arrangements to deliver LC 35 compliance. Site is endeavouring to meet the spirit of the licence condition and the wider regulatory requirements even if there are some shortfalls within the current documentation. It was also obvious that the site is currently making good physical progress against the decommissioning targets and plans in place to ensure that its decommissioning milestones are met. However, there are deficiencies in LC 35 decommissioning programme and this should be rewritten to be the governing document for LC35 not just a window into the programme being managed by the life time plan. I rated this inspection as adequate, but with some areas for improvement.

Conclusion of Intervention

The inspection demonstrated that in the four licence conditions inspected, the Magnox Ltd arrangements are of an adequate standard. However, there are in all cases areas where improvements can be made and these findings have been communicated to the site, for action as necessary.