Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Level 4 Organisational Learning meeting

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

The purpose of the intervention was to assess NNB Generation Company (NNB GenCo) Limiteds arrangements for organisational learning. This is a follow-up to an intervention carried out on 26-27 March 2014 (IR-13-127).

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

The specific topics covered in the intervention were:

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

We found that NNB GenCos improvement plans largely address the shortfalls in current learning processes identified in ONR's intervention of 26-27 March 2014. NNB GenCo has established a Steering Group which will set out the vision and strategy for learning in NNB GenCo supported by a communications plan. NNB GenCo is also making improvements in the quality of learning it receives from the Flamanville 3 project. NNB GenCo recognises that it will need to define how it interfaces with contract partners and how it ensures the effectiveness of the contractors processes for learning.

NNB GenCo has included high level criteria on organisational learning in its management expectations document for the project 'shadow hold point, which we consider good practice. We found however that there were no specific criteria or defined assurance activities beneath this. NNB GenCos internal assurance function is carrying-out a related concurrence process on organisational learning for the shadow hold point but this does not directly address the criteria in the management expectations document. These observations will inform our overall judgement on NNB GenCos processes for the shadow hold point. NNB GenCo completed a self-assessment of Licence Condition (LC) 7 compliance in February 2014 and is actioning the findings from this.

NNB GenCo has recognised the learning opportunity provided by the Sellafield Evaporator D improvement notice (June 2013) and action is being taken by several departments including a benchmarking exercise / Board paper on quality management. We regard these as positive steps but consider that NNB GenCo may not yet have addressed the full scope of learning from this event.

NNB recognises that learning extends beyond its processes for corrective action and operational experience feedback. To this end it has developed a 'map of how the organisation learns, covering other routes such as staff secondments, benchmarking and learning within the EPR family. We consider that this forms a useful reference point for future interventions.

Conclusion of Intervention

NNB GenCo has recognised that there is an opportunity to make useful improvements to its organisational learning processes and tools, and has put in place a plan to deliver these in 2014. We are content with NNB GenCos direction and aim to carry out further interventions to assess its progress in delivering this programme, in particular to ensure that NNB GenCo has fit-for purpose arrangements in place ready for site construction activities.