Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Level 4 Documents and Records Meeting

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

The purpose of the meeting was for New Nuclear Build Generating Company (NNB GenCo) to provide an update on the progress they have made developing and implementing their arrangements for the management of documents and records.

Interventions carried out by ONR

This level 4 meeting is a continuation of the series of meetings to discuss NNB GenCo's approach and their progress towards establishing adequate arrangements for the management of documents and records.

Explanation of judgement if safety system not judged to be adequate

Not applicable.

Key findings, inspector's opinions and reasons for judgements made

I was provided with an update of progress on NNB GenCo's actions from previous meetings and an update of progress against programme deliverables.

I was presented with the action plan to resolve internal regulator and ONR findings and noted the effort that has been put into resolving them. I was assured that the plan is being implemented with some actions close to completion; however there are others were progress has been slow and is dependent on the recruitment of specialist staff. I will continue to monitor progress against the action plan and the staffing levels.

I was informed that the first phase of the 'roll out' of "Documentum", which gives access to the integrated management systems documentation, has been completed and that the second phase, which gives access to project engineering documentation and records, is imminent. Training is currently being deployed for wider project users of the new product. I judge this to be a positive step.

I noted comments about the increased management focus on document management and that the project strategy for lifetime records is beginning to be developed. I was satisfied NNB GenCo is making positive progress, however they will need to give priority to documents and records as the project progresses.

I observed encouraging signs of progress and management focus on documents and lifetime records and the development of a project records and physical sample storage strategies. However more detail will be required on process and strategy implementation and how this links into HPC project milestones.

Conclusion of intervention

I conclude that the overall progress on documents and records management has been limited since the granting of the license to NNB GenCo in 2012 however there are encouraging signs that a more positive approach is emerging. I judge the RAG status to be 'RED' until there is objective evidence that the new initiatives are being implemented.

I consider that there are no issues in this workstream for escalation, the identified actions being progressed to completion within this level 4 meeting.