Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Statutory Outage - Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 - Compliance Inspection

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This intervention was undertaken to establish whether EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited's (NGL) the duty holder, was carrying out work in support of Hartlepool Station's statutory outage in compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999.

Interventions carried out by ONR

The Licensee's compliance was assessed with a focus on the following key areas of performance requirement:

Key findings

The Licensee's calibration management of some of its personal contamination detection equipment needs to be improved and ventilation flow checks at the fume-cupboard in its low-level waste re-packaging facility need to be conducted more regularly.

Conclusion of intervention

Except for the matters referred to in my key findings, from a radiological protection standpoint, I was content with the Licensee's current state of compliance.

Conclusion of Intervention

The matters referred to in paragraph 3 were discussed with the Licensee's senior management during a closure meeting held at the end of my inspection, during which, I confirmed that I would write to the Licensee to confirm the actions it would need to take in order to bring it into compliance.