Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Berkeley nuclear licensed site planned inspection against licence conditions 28, 35 and 36 on operational records and control and supervision of operations

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This record is of my visit to Magnox Ltd’s Berkeley nuclear licensed site as part of ONR’s compliance inspection plan for the site.  A colleague accompanied me on the inspections as a development opportunity.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

During the intervention we carried out compliance inspections on licence conditions (LC):

I also attended a special meeting of the Berkeley Site Stakeholders Group that discussed Magnox Ltd’s plans for changes to the Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) management at Berkeley and proposals to store waste at the site from other Magnox Ltd nuclear licensed sites.  Magnox Ltd were keen to progress changes to ILW management at Berkeley

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

Our inspection of Examination, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing (EMIT) at Berkeley provided us with evidence that the requirements of LC28 were being met and addressed the expectations contained in ONR inspection guidance.

We were satisfied that Berkeley demonstrated that it met LC35 requirements for decommissioning when compared with ONR guidance. However, we noted that the decommissioning plans were being reviewed with the intention of changing the method of storing ILW from ductile cast iron containers (DCICs) to concrete boxes.  We may review the arrangements again before the change occurs to satisfy ourselves that the ILW will be adequately stored.

We were shown Berkeley’s analysis of the number of nuclear related posts needed to keep the site safe in a care and maintenance period with no decommissioning activities taking place.  We were also shown the resilience calculations for the posts.  The analysis appeared to be adequate for an LC36 demonstration of organisational ability when compared with ONR guidance.  We note again that Magnox Ltd intends to revise these assessments in the near future and we may review the adequacy of the Berkeley calculations before they are implemented and ensure appropriate processes are followed for the changes.

Conclusion of Intervention

Our inspection indicated that Berkeley adequately meets the requirements of LCs 28, 35 and 36.  However, Magnox Ltd is looking to change the ways that LCs 35 and 36 are implemented at Berkeley and other Magnox stations in the near future. This may warrant a review of the changes by ONR before they are implemented.