Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Meeting at EDF Offices in East Kilbride to discuss current Civil Engineering Activities

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This was a discussion with key EDF-NGL civil engineering personnel to discuss EDF-NGL arrangements in the areas of Design Authority, governance and standards and also in delivery and management of civil engineering design in support of reactor operations.

Interventions carried out by ONR

The meeting facilitated follow-on discussion on topics remaining open from the previous meetings and there was opportunity to raise and discuss other topics of interest. The intention of this bi-annual engagement is to provide a channel for open dialogue outside of formal ONR Level 4 intervention arrangements.

Explanation of judgement if safety system not judged to be adequate

I have judged that a further Level 4 meeting be held to discuss EDF-NGLs justification of their assessment of masonry panels under extreme environmental loads. EDF-NGL have failed to present appropriate justifications to allow ONR to reach a conclusion with regard to this historic civil engineering PSR2 (Periodic Safety Review) issue. EDF-NGL have committed to issue an Engineering Advice Note that will provide an overview of the basis for using a reduced factor for material properties for the assessment of masonry panels when subjected to extreme environmental loads.

Key findings, Inspector's opinions and reasons for judgements made

EDF-NGL provided a useful but informal update on their organisation and on current activities in progress in civil engineering design group. A wide range of topics of interest were discussed. Both meetings provided a valuable opportunity for open dialogue on areas of mutual interest relating to design, oversight and management of nuclear safety related operations across the EDF -NGL fleet of operating reactors.

The EDF-NGL staff, at the discussion, generally agreed with ONR's views with the exception of the way forward in dealing with the ONR's opinion on the design of masonry panels to withstand extreme environmental loads. This matter remains unresolved and further discussion is required.

Conclusion of intervention

These routine discussions continue to be a beneficial use of resource by both parties as it serves to allow ONR to influence on civil engineering issues at an appropriate (strategic) level and for EDF-NGL to consider and respond to ONR views in a manner which, where appropriate, can be applied consistently across the fleet.


EDF-NGL should complete their responses to historical PSR2 issues.

EDF-NGL should present their case for reducing material factors to be used in the assessment of existing masonry panels, also a historical PSR2 issue