Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Heysham 1 1D1 Boiler Spine Recovery Project - ONR-NGL Level 4 Technical Exchange Meeting - Project Progress and Future Planning

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

The purpose of the intervention was for the Licensee to provide ONR with an update of the work completed to date and describe their plans for inspection and testing of the Heysham 1, 1D1 boiler spine. This intervention also provided an opportunity to discuss the requirements and potential dates for future level 4 meetings.

Key findings, inspector's opinions and reasons for judgements made

The information presented by the Licensee at this technical exchange met the expectations of ONR, demonstrating the Licensee's strategy for moving forward. Questions raised by ONR were resolved satisfactorily at the meeting. Several actions were placed on the Licensee to arrange future meetings with ONR before the planned refuelling outage. An adequate response to these is expected before the outage date.

Conclusion of the Meeting

The presentation given by the Licensee was informative and adequately covered the objectives and expectations of ONR for briefing and technical exchange purposes. Timescales for the development of the technical solutions remain challenging but the Licensee appears to have a suitable project structure and resource allocation to meet expectations. The Licensee has considered several potential outcomes of the testing and inspection work planned for the next refuelling outage, which will determine the structure of the return to service safety case. ONR should be given advance preview of these to minimise impact on station deliverables and ONR resource. Future level 4 exchanges discussed during the meeting need to be followed up and confirmed. These are recorded in the form of actions.


ONR review the responses to the actions placed at this meeting.