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Rolls Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd - LC15 Inspection for the Neptune Radiological Calibration Facility (NRCF) and Radioactive Components Facility (RCF)

Executive summary

Purpose of Intervention

This intervention at Rolls-Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd (RRMPOL) Neptune licensed site, was undertaken to provide assurance to ONR that RRMPOL has implemented adequate arrangements for the management of shortfalls from their periodic review of safety (PRS) for the Neptune Radiological Calibration Facility (NRCF) and the Radioactive Components Facility (RCF).

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

The intervention consisted of a review of RRMPOL's PRS arrangements to confirm that the licensee has adequate arrangements to capture, manage, track and implement shortfalls identified from their PRS for the NRCF and RCF. The intervention also consisted of a visual inspection of the two facilities to observe the physical improvements implemented as a result of the PRS findings.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

The key points of this inspection were:

Based on the evidence sampled during the inspection I was satisfied that RRMPOL has in place sufficient processes to manage the implementation of the identified PRS issues. During the inspection we raised a number of minor observations to RRMPOL, and I was confident that these items will be appropriately addressed and therefore do not require further follow up.

During the inspection, I noted that the safety cases for both facilities are being developed within the ‘non-nuclear' safety case category. As a result I requested RRMPOL to share their methodology for identifying the facilities' safety measures to manage their radiological hazards. However RRMPOL was unable to provide a clear methodology for the identification of their safety measures. I highlighted that identification of items important to safety is fundamental to demonstrating that there are adequate protection measures in place. I therefore requested RRMPOL to provide further clarity on their methodologies, to provide assurance that appropriate safety measures will be implemented across the facilities and that suitable maintenance schedules are defined. This was identified as a level 4 regulatory issue for follow up.

Conclusion of Intervention

On the basis of the information provided and evidence obtained during this intervention, I concluded that the licensee provided sufficient demonstration that they have in place adequate LC15 arrangements to manage the identified PRS shortfalls for the NRCF and RCF facilities. I will monitor the development of the safety case methodology for these facilities and captured this as a regulatory issue.

I provided an inspection rating of Green.