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Dungeness B - Site Inspection to support Reactor Outage - LC17

Executive summary

Purpose of Intervention

This was a planned inspection of the Quality Management (QM) arrangements being applied for the 2017 R21 Statutory Outage at the Dungeness B (DNB) nuclear licensed site.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

I carried out a planned compliance inspection against Licence Condition 17 (LC17) ‘Management Systems’. This focussed on the adequacy of the outage quality management oversight arrangements and the in-outage concurrence review by the internal Nuclear Assurance (INA) QA Team.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

I found that DNB’s compliance with LC17 Management Systems for the areas inspected and INA QA concurrence review was adequate. (IIS Rating Green).

The intervention was performed in line with ONR’s guidance requirements (as described in our technical inspection guides) in the areas inspected.

I found that DNB has a risk based, intelligence-driven approach to targeting of surveillances for the outage.  A review of previous operational experience and interaction with the work management groups had been used to inform the surveillance programme.  I was satisfied that the programme was being well managed and supported, and based upon the example reviewed, that the surveillances were of adequate standard.

I observed the weekly Quality Forum (QF) which was attended by the contract partners and a number of EDF representatives.  I was satisfied that the QF was being well managed and well-structured and that all parties were engaged in the discussions.  I suggested that the core attendance for the group was more clearly defined.

I discussed the improvements to maintenance instructions which are being made to enhance quality control and the role of the quality centre.  I was content that this was a good initiative which is beginning to yield positive results.  I commented that more robust project management disciplines could be introduced to control the work.

I visited the store, which appeared tidy and well organised, and was satisfied that it was being managed effectively.

I discussed the replacement transformer project with the Site Investment Delivery Project Management Team.  This was a repeat installation and I was satisfied that adequate control and oversight was being exercised by the Investment Delivery Project Team.

I discussed quality management of tasks and surveillances with the Weir quality team and observed an example surveillance being undertaken.  I was satisfied that there was good control being exercised over the tasks being undertaken and that appropriate checks were incorporated in the surveillance and that appropriate records being retained.

I was satisfied that the INA QA concurrence review was well structured and carried out effectively by the INA Team.  Reference was made to management system documentation where appropriate and in particular BEG/SPEC/OPS/008.  The process was well received and supported by station (and contractor) staff.  The findings from the review were accepted and put into NGL’s corrective action process.

I did not have any specific ONR findings however I concurred with INA QA’s findings of one Area for Improvement (AFI) relating to the use of correction fluid/tape in the store and three Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) relating to the work to improve maintenance instructions and quality forum attendance.  These have been accepted by the station and are being processed accordingly.  None of these affect the return to service of unit R21.

Conclusion of Intervention

For the areas inspected, DNB’s compliance with LC17 Management Systems for the outage and INA QA’s concurrence review is judged to be adequate (IIS Rating Green).  No actions have been raised.


I recommend that, based on the areas and activities sampled during this inspection, that the LC17 Management Systems arrangements for the outage of DNB Reactor R21, should be considered adequate.