Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Demonstration of on-site emergency arrangements for the HMNB Clyde (Faslane) Authorised Site

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

This intervention was undertaken to assess the demonstration of on-site emergency arrangements for the HMNB Clyde (Faslane) Authorised Site.  ONR was present to assess the exercise as the Enforcing Authority for REPPIR and to support DNSR (lead regulator for providing feedback to the operator following assessment of an on-site emergency exercise at an Authorised Site).

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

The intervention consisted of a site exercise pre-brief held on the afternoon of the 31st August 2016 and observation and assessment of the exercise on the 1st September 2016.  The ONR inspectors witnessed the demonstration exercise within the Incident Command and Control Centre (ICCC) at HMNB Clyde (Faslane). Feedback from the ONR inspectors was provided to the DNSR Principal Site Inspector who provided consolidated feedback to the site along with overall judgement as to the adequacy of the demonstration.  

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

The Level 1 exercise provided the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the on-site emergency arrangements in response to a postulated Off Site Nuclear Emergency in a nuclear powered submarine.  The ONR nominated site inspector and specialist fault studies inspector witnessed the demonstration exercise within the ICCC.  Following the exercise the DNSR Principal Inspector provided consolidated regulatory feedback to the site responsible persons and key players from the emergency demonstration.  The exercise was judged to have provided an adequate test of the emergency arrangements and the response demonstrated the Duty Holder’s ability to cope with such an event.  Self-evaluation by the HMNB Clyde internal assessment team demonstrated good alignment with observations and assessment by the regulators.  

Conclusion of Intervention

The exercise demonstration was considered to be an adequate demonstration of the on-site emergency arrangements.