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Documents referenced in the document entitled Classification of Berkeley Boilers as SC0-1 and various questions

Release date: 27 July 2012

Release of information under Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Following a request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, ONR released the following. If copies of the documents are required please contact


Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Request Reference No: 2012060149

Thank you for your new EIR request in which you are now requesting copies of information referenced in the reports sent under the earlier request i.e. EIR 2012050102.

Your request was received on 1 June 2012 and I am dealing with it under the terms of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (the Regs).

You are now asking us for the following information referenced in document entitled "Classification of Berkeley Boilers as SC0-1"

  1. The Radioactive Inventory of a Berkeley Heat Exchanger. (RD/B/6081/R8 dated October 1988)
  2. Gamma Spec inside Berkeley Heat Exchanger, February 1988
  3. The Radioactive Inventory of a Berkeley Power Station Gas Circuit (TD/ETB/REP/5005 dated July 93)
  4. British Nuclear Group (no date or number) Berkeley Power Station, Description of a Heat Exchanger.

I can confirm that ONR holds this information, most of which can be disclosed. Some information in these documents is being withheld as it falls under the exception in Regulation 13 (Personal Data) of the Regs.

Further required information

In Appendix A Survey Sheets of NSG Environmental Ltd report NS2200/500/001 "Survey of Berkeley Boiler No 9 Issue 1", survey sheet Ref no NDG/BEARD/011 records the survey of "Boiler No 9 ENDS" and lists location identifiers of survey points by alphabetical lettering.

Question 5: Please provide a map/chart/plan/diagram indication the actual position of the various alphabetically labelled survey points reported in survey sheet ref no NDG/BEARD/011

Answer 5:Please find attached a pdf file of a diagram which is within scope of your question.

Further required information

The Berkeley boilers had gas flow ducts at top and bottom. It is reported that, when disconnected from the reactors and lowered to the ground, these "ducts" were closed/sealed.

Question 6: Please provide the following information regarding the above

  1. With what specific material were these ducts closed and sealed and in what year and month was that work done?
  2. What were the design criteria for these seals?
  3. Have these seals ever been subject to testing for their water tightness and air tightness. If so, when and where was this work carried out?
  4. What methods were used to test these criteria?
  5. Have inspections/surveys of the physical quality/condition of the boiler mild steel (structural strength/integrity, plate rusting/pitting) and the duct seals been carried out, and if so where and when and with what results?

Answer 6: Please note that compliance with the transport regulations was based on the classification of the boilers as SCO-1 in which case they could be transported unpackaged and safety was not dependent on the integrity of the boiler structure. Consequently no documents were received by ONR in relation to the recent shipments that might answer your questions. HSE archives have been searched for earlier information but no relevant documents are still extant