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Fire incident at AWE Aldermaston 12 April 2012

Release date: 27 July 2012

Release of Information under Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Following a request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, ONR released the information. If a copy of this document is required, please contact


Environmental Information Regulations Request Reference No: 2012060155

Thank you for your request for information which was received on 11 June 2012 and I am dealing with it under the terms of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004(the Regs).

You asked us for information regarding:

Please find attached a scanned pdf copy of ONR Incident Notification Form.

You will note the apparent time lapse between our receipt of the report and our completion of part B on page 2. Although the completion of this section of the form was not done until 1 July due to an administrative oversight, the report was received by ONR on 13 April, and a judgement was made by ONR on the level of response required on the same day. In this case, ONR's decision was that no immediate follow up was required.

Some information in the document is being withheld as it falls under the exceptions in Regulation 13 - Personal Data withheld of the Regs.

Additionally some information within the document has been redacted under Regulation 12(5) (a) were, we believe disclosure would have an adverse effect on international relations, defence, national security or public safety.

An explanation of this decision is given below, as well as the factors considered when deciding where the public interest lies

Factors for disclosure for Reg 12(5)(a)

Issues related to the nuclear industry are subject to close scrutiny and debate, there is public interest in information related to nuclear activities and the release of such information.

Factors for withholding

Disclosure of Building numbers, could aid the commission of a malicious act and the public would not expect ONR to release information that would aid such an act.

Reasons why public interest favours withholding information

The balance is in favour of limiting the potential for a malicious act. The public interest test in this instance would favour prudence.

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