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Hinkely Point C - Conventional Health and Safety contact records

Date released
10 January 2020
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

The contact records recording conventional health and safety visits to Hinkley Point C over the last 3 years.

Information released

Please find attached the following documents in Annex A in relation to your request.

Some information has been redacted because it contains personal data. The personal data has been withheld using the exemption section 40 (Personal information) of the FOIA. The exemption allows public authorities to protect personal information. This is an absolute exemption so does not require a Public Interest Test. Please refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office website for full details.

You may also find the following information about Conventional Health and Safety regulatory arrangements at Hinkley Point C (HPC) helpful.

ONR have collaborated with our sister regulator HSE since 2014 in the regulation of conventional (non-nuclear) health and safety at HPC. ONR has warranted a number of experienced HSE Construction Division inspectors who carry out timely and Proportionate interventions as ONR inspectors, targeting higher risk construction project work activities. ONR site conventional health and safety interventions have increased over this time period to reflect greater work activities on site.

The HSE ONR warranted inspectors report their findings to the ONR’s New Reactor Division as an ONR Contact Record via a separate administrative arrangement.

HSE ONR warranted inspectors carrying out site conventional health and safety interventions will make best endeavours to meet HPC health and safety representatives relevant to the area under inspection whilst on site. NNB GenCo and HPC Health and Safety Representatives will be officially informed of formal enforcement action taken by ONR against HPC duty-holders.

It should be noted that given the rapidly evolving and changing nature of the HPC site many of the issues identified in the reports are no longer relevant. In other areas ONR is satisfied through ongoing interactions that the matters identified have been appropriately addressed or that NNB is taking suitable steps to secure required improvements such that action above routine regulatory oversight is not required. As such ONR’s current judgement is that overall HPC is appropriately managing conventional health and safety matters.

Annex A:

Exemptions applied

Section 40.

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable