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Wylfa Magnox Reactor No. 1, Parasol grab loss incident on 31st July 1993

Date released
28 March 2019
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

In the course of removing spent fuel rods from the Wylfa Magnox Reactor No. 1 on 31st July 1993, a lifting grab apparently broke loose from the re-fuelling machine and plunged into the reactor.

Subsequently, the then Chief Inspector of the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (Dr. Harbison) presented direct evidence during a prosecution case against Nuclear Electric Plc (the then operator) at Mold Crown Court (12-15 September 1995): Regina v Nuclear Electric Plc - Loss of parasol grab in Reactor 1 at Wylfa Nuclear Power Station on 31st July 1993.

I would be interested in requesting:

  1. the full list of evidence assembled and presented by the NII to the Court;
  2. the recording (or, transcript) of the Control Room operations, as submitted to the Court; and,
  3. details of the case argued by the NII, including Dr Harbison's Statement to the Court.

Information released

We have addressed your points 1-3 below:

Please find attached: -

  1. List of evidence presented by NII. 
  2. Brief Summary of transcript.
  3. Details of case argued by NII – Regina. v NUCLEAR ELECTRIC PLC (WYLFA) NOTE OF OPENING & Summary of the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s statement to the court.

Some information has been redacted (from attachments 1, 3a, & 3b) because it contains personal data. The personal data has been withheld using the exemption section 40 of the FOIA. This is an absolute exemption so does not require a Public Interest Test.

Exemptions applied

s40 - Personal information

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable