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Planning application at the Hunterston estate in 1995

Date released
13 April 2016
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

A planning application was made in 1995 at Hunterston House in Ayrshire, in 1995, that was part of the Nuclear Site Emergency Plan and the HSE Nuclear Safety Division was consulted and reported on this to the planning department. Due to the nature of the report it took longer to investigate so was longer than the required 28 day DoE Code of Practice and was not attached to the planning documents of Cunningham District Council (now North Ayrshire Council)

I am looking for a full copy of all documents relating to this application.

There has been other planning applications at Hunterston Estate since

1988 and may also have reports done by the HSE, I would be interested in requesting these too, unfortunately I do not have any references for them

Information released

The first part of your request asked for all documents relating to a specific application from 1995 concerning Hunterston House in Ayrshire; Planning Ref: CH/01/95/0641. Relevant documents have been found detailing correspondence between the Nuclear Safety Division of the Health and Safety Executive (NSD/HSE), together with a copy of the plan that accompanied the planning request.

NSD/HSE, and more lately, ONR's involvement in land use planning matters arises from our longstanding involvement in administering Government policy on development around nuclear sites, and is separate from (although informed by) our current regulatory functions with regards to the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001 (REPPIR). The process of consultation with local authorities is described in our LUP Policy.

ONR's role is an advisory one, because safety implications, however important, cannot be divorced from other relevant planning matters. ONR has no regulatory power to prevent development within detailed emergency planning zones. Local Planning Authorities have responsibility for development control. Therefore, the NSD/HSE response to the planning application does not consist of a report as such; rather it is one letter reporting that there were no objections on nuclear safety grounds.

Three other relevant applications have been identified:

  1. CH/01/96/0058 - Change of use from stables, stores and shop to form additional dwelling and extension to existing house at Hunterston Castle, Hunterston Estate:
  2. CH/01/88/0085/S - Change of use of cottage to temporary tea room at Hunterston Estate:
  3. CH/01/89/0305 - Change of use of existing store building to visitors tea room at Hunterston Castle:

Please note that ONR's information retention policy has changed over the years, so that although some older, paper documents are held, more recent, electronic copies are deleted (currently seven years after file closed). A search of ONR's records has been undertaken, but if you are aware of any other relevant cases, please let us have as much detail as you can and we will search again.

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