Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Master Register of Nuclear site licences

Date released
2 February 2016
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

I've been trying to establish the Nuclear Site Licence holders for UK Nuclear facilities during the period of their existence.  Most of the facilities, but maybe not all are listed in the table below.  Due to changes of ownership, and lack of information on the web and elsewhere I've not been very successful.  Could you please provide me with the dates that the various Licensees were Accountable for the Sites ?

The Public Register you directed me to is good, - as far as it goes, - but I really need to find the HISTORY of each Sites Nuclear Site Licence Holders, e.g a nuclear reactor site could have been : - 1. CEGB, 2. Nuclear Electric, 3. Magnox Electric, 4. Magnox North, 5. BNFL, 6. Sellafield Limited etc - and I'd like the DATES that the Licences were held for each facility please.

Information released

I attach a copy of the Master Register of Nuclear site licences for you to obtain the information you require.

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