Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Information relating to ONR secondees

Date released
16 February 2016
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

I'm writing to make an information request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

This is a request in order to promote the ability of the public to participate in key government decisions and to make sure that information is freely available to the public. 

If you are unable to release certain records because the requested information is caught by one or more exceptions, please provide a register of all information in the scope of the request, including that which is being withheld. Please provide the date and description of each record and indicate which exception is cited to withhold it from disclosure.

Information released

Further to your email dated 29 January 2016, requesting details of ONR seconded to and from the private sector (including 'state companies', which we have taken to include all public sector organisations) since January 2011, please find attached an excel spreadsheet which provides details of the numbers against each year as well as information on the organisation name and role they have gone into where known.

Exemptions applied


PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable