Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Details of all FoI requests in last month

Information requested

Under the FOI Act I would like full details that you can legally supply of all Freedom of Information Requests that you have received in the last calendar month from the date of this request.

Information released

Full details of requests and ONR's responses are regularly published on the ONR website ( and therefore we are refusing your request under exemption S22, FOI - Information intended for future publication. This is a qualified exemption, so is subject to a public interest test as detailed below.

However, by way of being helpful. I can advise you that we have had eight requests within the last calendar month. The nature of ONR's work means that most of these are answered under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Details of the date received and what was requested are listed in the Annex attached to this letter.

Exemptions applied

Exemption S22, FOI - Information intended for future publication.

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable

Arguments for disclosure

To demonstrate to the public that ONR is being open and transparent in the way that it deals with requests for information under the Act.

Arguments against disclosure

ONR already has a policy in place to publish details of requests under the Act on its website.

Some requests may be; subject to clarification, refused or refined, so could be misleading if released at this stage.


There is no outstanding public interest in releasing full details of requests for information which are only partially completed, because to do so would delay the work that is currently underway to answer them and might lead to deadlines, required by the Information Commissioner, being missed. In addition, full details of ONR's response to each request will be published on our website soon after they have been answered.