Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Details of visit to Japan 2014

Information requested

Details of visit to Japan 2014 inc minutes of each meeting, together with the costs of the trip, and how much has been cost recovered from Hitachi-GE for expenditure incurred by ONR to date on the visit and associated preparation

Information released


I can confirm that the Office for Nuclear Regulation holds the minutes you requested

  1. XM-GD-A149 - Reactor Chemistry Meetings
  2. XM-GD-A197 - Level 3 GDA meeting
  3. XM-GD-A202 - ABWR GDA - Structural Integrity (SI) Step-2 Technical Meeting
  4. XM-GD-A221 - ABWR GDA - Conventional Safety and Fire SMEs Meeting on 10th June
  5. XM-GD-A222 - ABWR GDA - Conventional Safety and Fire SMEs Meeting on 13th June
  6. XM-GD-A195 - Level 2 GDA meeting

Documents numbered 1 to 5 can be disclosed. However, some information has been redacted, because it is personal information (exempt under section 40)

Information numbered 6 is being withheld in full, as it falls under the exemption in section 43 of the Act (Commercial interests).

Sections 43 is a qualified exemption that is subject to a public interest test. This means ONR has to balance the public interest factors favouring disclosure against those favouring non-disclosure. A full explanation of the decision is given below.


Using the names of the eleven staff who attended the Japan trip for a combined total of 70 days, the following costs have been gathered from our system (RM).

Total - £41,780.

Travel costs - £35,043. This is based on bookings made through ONR's travel provider and cover rail and air travel.

Other Expenses - £6,737. This is based mostly on i-expense claims staff have put through RM for subsistence claims, taxi fares etc. It also includes accommodation costs booked through ONR's travel provider and some accommodation and travel costs that staff paid for direct themselves and claimed back through i-expenses. It is difficult to extract with certainty from this figure what exactly relates to travel. Therefore, this element has remained in the 'other expenses' total and not been included in the 'travel cost' total.

We have looked through the dates of when these payments were made to staff and suppliers and except for £3,800 all were made in quarter 1 (April - June 2014). The £3,800 relate to staff i-expense claims that have been made in the quarter 2 period (July - September 2014). Therefore, of the £41,780 total £37,980 will have been recovered as part of the quarter 1 charges and £3,800 will be recovered as part of the quarter 2 charges.

Exemptions applied

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable

Exemption in full

Section 43 - Commercial Interests

Factors for disclosure

Further the public's understanding of, and participation in the debate of issues associated with the Generic Design Assessment.

Facilitate the accountability and transparency of ONR for decisions taken by them as a regulator of the nuclear industry

Factors for withholding

The Level 2 meeting included extensive discussion of commercially sensitive issues such as project finance, risk and schedule including expected ordering timescale for some of major components. The information is commercially sensitive, as it could be of benefit to Hitachi's competitors by allowing them to understand key information relating to their finances, their procurement approach and their anticipated timelines for significant commercial commitments

Reasons why public interest favours withholding information

This information has been established as commercially significant and was shared with ONR in confidence, to facilitate our assessment. As such, publication of this information at this stage is not in the public interest.