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Questions on change of Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for Magnox SLC

Information released

Q1.  What oversight has the ONR had with the total change of those PBO secondees in to Magnox SLC where the PBO individual had a nuclear safety related role? 

A1. ONR has had oversight of Magnox's transition to a new parent body organisation (PBO) throughout the period of the competition run by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and this will continue up to (and after) share transfer on 1 September 2014.  ONR's oversight has included an assessment of the organisational changes associated with the transition, which has been published on ONR's website.

Q2. Has the ONR expressed concerns over the transition timescale of the wholesale change of key safety roles? 

A2. ONR has not expressed any specific concerns over the length of the transition period (5 months from announcement of preferred bidder to share transfer) on the basis that Magnox and the preferred bidder satisfactorily complete the specified transition activities.  These activities include readiness reviews by Magnox to check that the pre-requisites for share transfer are in place.  ONR is overseeing the transition process through planned intervention activity.   

Q3. Has the ONR approved the replacement individual as being 'Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons' to undertake the nuclear safety related post or role within Magnox. 

A3. It is not ONR's role to approve the appointment of individuals to posts or roles within the site licence company.  Magnox has set out the process by which it will determine whether individuals are suitably qualified and experienced and this was the subject of assessment by ONR (see link) and is part of ONR's ongoing oversight.   Under Nuclear Site Licence Condition 13, Magnox is required to provide ONR with the qualifications and experience of persons it appoints as members of its nuclear safety committee. 

Q4. Are the ONR requiring any Emergency Exercises be staged to test the Magnox organisation post the change in PBO secondees into the SLC. 

A4. Magnox has set out the process by which it will maintain its emergency response capability through the transition, which includes training and demonstration exercises prior to the new PBO coming into place on 1 September 2014.  As above, this was subject to assessment by ONR (see link).

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