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Further questions on Generic Design Assessment (GDA) and staff EDF pensions

Information released

Q1.  Can you describe the roles that the two people concerned held at the ONR, and outline their duties related to the GDA and DAC (Design Acceptance Confirmation) of Hinkley Point C?

A1. One individual working as a Band 3 Nuclear Safety Inspector recorded 70.45 days effort on GDA in 2010/11 and 10.39 days in 2012/13.  In 2010/11, this individual supported the assessment of the Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) of the EPR design, as part of on-the-job training.  The individual's work was led by an experienced Band 2 Nuclear Safety Inspector who was the decision-maker in relation to whether the assessment was of sufficient quality to support issuing of an interim DAC.  The individual was not involved in the decision about granting a DAC for the UK EPR, but may have provided some limited technical input to UKEPR GDA lead assessors. In 2011/12, the individual was involved in the PSA work on the EPR Working Group of the Multi-Design Evaluation Programme (MDEP) which is an international group of regulators.

One individual working as a Band 3 Nuclear Safety Inspector recorded 3.78 days effort on GDA in 2011/12.  The activity on GDA was part of the individual's introduction and familiarisation into ONR's electrical work activities. The work involved the individual providing assistance to an experienced Band 2 Nuclear Safety Inspector in the peer review of the ONR step 4 GDA electrical topic reports for both the EDF/Areva UK EPR and the Westinghouse APR 1000 designs. 

Q2.  Between what dates were these two people contracted by the ONR?

A2. Both individuals joined ONR's predecessor organisation (HSE's Nuclear Directorate) in 2010 and both continue to be employed by ONR. 

Q3.  Had these two people been contracted by other companies during their time at the ONR?

A3. Neither of these individuals has declared that they were employed by other companies whilst working for ONR (or its predecessor organisation).

Q4.  Could you provide the details related to this, which would have been recorded in the ONR's register of business interests?

A4. No information held as no declaration was made. (see response to question 3)

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